How to Sell and Protect Your Writing

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Gather written evidence of your work. One of the ways you can protect your work is by creating a paper trail that proves your work is yours in one place.

This could be a copy of the novel 97%(37). If you are still worried about this, there are 2 ways you can protect your manuscript. First you could have it copyrighted through the United States Copyright Office. This process is a little lengthy.

You want to make sure you copyright your work in your name. This is a service I give to my clients in my publishing company. I copyright their books under their name so they have all. The facts of the case aren't particularly common.

Nor is the ex-boyfriend's initial litigation strategy of using Cline's sexual past against her which reeks of two things: (1) a money-grubbing shakedown; and (2) having failed to take sufficient measures to protect. You have to offer your book at a realistic price, and offer real value to your potential readers.

Don’t think that by publishing a book you are guaranteed sales. You need a great product at a competitive price. Business Market your book. Don’t try to sell it. Scarcity and competition add urgency to book buying, and that can help you create some momentum around your book.

Keep the buzz going – find new reasons and angles to promote your book. Step 1: Slave Over the Blank Page. You spend thousands of hours over several years writing your masterpiece. It becomes your baby, a creation birthed from nothing.

You can’t wait to see it in print. If it’s a common title, consider adding your name to the query to ensure that only versions of your book. In addition to that, consider creating similar alerts for unique passages from.

9. Do not use your book to “get even with” anyone, even if you’re doing it anonymously. If you make mistakes, your book may not be as “anonymous” as you think.

Be mature and professional. Your book should teach other people a lesson, or tell an educational story. Letting your emotions take control of your memoir writing.

I just want to protect a few short essays and poems which are all pretty reliant on specific word choice and verse, so you would think that the overall work is fairly easy to protect. I don’t care if people “steal” tiny bits and pieces either. like in the normal way writers apparently do that.

One of my writing. Spend Time Writing Your eBook Title and Subtitle. As we mentioned above, the first thing that catches a reader’s eye is the cover. The second thing the eye will gravitate to is your title.

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You’ll really want to spend a little extra time making sure your title and subtitle. 1) Promote yourself, other e-books, your services, your newsletter, and your web sites throughout the e-book.

If you’re giving examples, try to use your own web sites and your own. Uncover your book’s hidden potential. Transform a book that’s “nearly there” to one that will have publishers competing for it.

Whether you’re writing a novel a memoir or a career-defining non. In How to Write a Book That Sells You, author Robin Colucci guides coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs in writing and publishing a book that can become a power tool in their businesses. Reviews:   If this isn't enough for your peace of mind, you may want to further protect your work.

If you are sending your unpublished book manuscript to a self-publishing service, make sure the company you're dealing with is reputable and that their manuscript submission method is secure.

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Ingredients for Success: How to Write. Today I’m going to share how you can write your best-selling book. I’m gonna give you tips to start, what to put in it, and how to structure it. So now let’s talk about the tips to start it right so. Writing a book happens in three phases: Beginning (you have to actually start), staying motivated (conquer self-doubt and overwhelm) and finishing (avoid languishing in the “almost finished” phase).

Have a set time (ideally daily) and place to work on your book. Write some each day and it quickly adds up. Set a total word count for your book. If your ideas are such that you want to keep them secret until you are published in print, it would be advisable not to put them on your website, and protect them on the basis of confidentiality.

Once you put the ideas on your website, your. How to write books that sell (writing fiction for hot markets) I talk a lot about writing to market – AKA writing books for popular genres to maximize profit – but since it seems sketchy and abhorrent to authors who consider themselves “real authors” writing “real books.

Identify the Best Places to Sell Your eBook. You can sell your ebook directly from your website, but there are a wide variety of websites where you can do the same thing, and you’re likely to enjoy better.

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If you're not writing the story yourself but you still want to sell it to a producer, what you'll really be selling is your life rights. These agreements encompass a number of rights, but basically protect Views: 34K. there. Write your story and inspire others.

You don‘t know how your words can help other peo-ple in their own lives. As Seth Godin says, ―The book you write will change your life‖. Start a new career. If you have always wanted to be an author, then writing a book. You can write shorter books for Amazon and sell them at lower price points ranging from $ to $ and people prefer ebooks that are shorter with more focused niche topics.

Keep in mind that while you won't make a huge profit per book on these you can sell a larger volume of books. Before you spend your time and effort writing a book, you need to be sure that it can be sold economically and effectively.

You have already defined your reader. Now you need to think about how you can tell that reader about your book. If your book is going to sell for $30, you can't spend $15 to tell each potential reader about your book.

It’s always exciting to publish a book, whether you are a first-timer or veteran of in the publishing industry.

It's never been easier to publish a book and make money selling books and with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you have the added benefits of not dealing with impersonal book publishers, elusive agents, and “meat grinder” editors who are apt to chew up your.

Write your eBook The key to selling eBooks is to write simply and clearly. People will buy your eBook because they want to learn how to do something. Start with the desired result (teaching an idea, skill. You Should Really Write a Book “How to Write, Sell, and Market Your Memoir,“ takes the reader (and would be memoirist) through an incredibly well written, well organized (soup to nuts) process that not Reviews:   Create blog posts related to the topic of your book; Create graphics for your book and place in your sidebar and within blog posts; Create a graphic to use on the front page of your website.

#1 – To protect their identity. so that they can purchase it and re-sell it to the original searched. This usually happens if the domain name you are looking at is a high-volume word. you can definitely use a pseudonym when writing and publishing your book.

Your book description should not be a list of the topics covered in your book or a brief summary. It’s purpose is to sell. Read my best advice for writing a book description here.

Design a cover that grabs attention and looks professional. Look at the covers of books in your. That’s your book.” Make sure your book is beautiful. When Honorée was introduced to Jeffrey Gitomer, the author of The Little Red Book of Selling, she handed him her new book.

The. Be sure to link to your subscriber landing page, to your next book’s sales page, or anywhere else online you want to send them — e.g., your social media profiles.

Also important is giving your readers an easy way to send you feedback for your. The indie author movement is maturing. It's no longer about throwing up an ebook up on Amazon, it's about professional standards, creating an excellent book and turning your intellectual property assets into multiple streams of income.

Today I talk to Orna Ross about How Authors Sell .